Fluoropolymer-Cable Tie



Product application in a particularly harsh environment, namely high temp., strong acid and strong base. We will supply the suitable raw material for you which depend on using condition. 

Product Details

SPPIA's high temp. resistance cable tie
Key Benefits Chemical Resistance, Heat Resistance, Weather Resistance, Insulating
235*4.6*1.6 mm
9.25*0.18*0.06 inch
230*4.4*1.6 mm
9.06*0.17*0.06 inch
Max. Bundle Dia. 60 mm / 2.36 inch 58 mm / 2.28 inch
Tensile Strength 18.2 kgf / 40 lbf 11 kgf / 24.2 lbf
Operating Temp. -60~170°C / -76~338°F -196~260°C / -812~499°F
Certificate RoHS、Reach、UL94V-0
SPPIA's chemical resistance cable tie

Product Comparison-
Chemical Resistance Testing

By Hydrochloric Acid Testing, Nylon cable tie CANNOT overcome Chemical Resistance and break after 3 hours.

However, Fluoropolymer Cable Tie remains intact in the Hydrochloric Acid after 6 months.

**Test Start Date: 11th December, 2020